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Its midnight. earth day is over. i have work in four hours. FML

2010-04-23 03:22:33 by dj5p00n

so, its earthday, pardon me, WAS earth day. fuck that holiday. its not even a holiday, nobody nowhere did anything in particular to remember this day. some douchebag put out a book in the sixties blaming christians for everything. what a dick.

believe it or not i was raised in a christian home.southern baptist even. i believe alot of things differently than the church does. so i dont go to church anymore. fuck them.

anywho, i still get offended when people blame "christians" for all sorts of shit. most of those ppl happen to be catholic where i live. I enjoy destroying those people.

those people are the most two faced sad sacks of shit i have ever had the misfortune to happen upon.
im not saying all catholics, just... well you know the ones.

by the way, if i offend you in some way, go fuck yourself with a metal rod.

i recently had a discussion with a "father", (a.k.a. catholic priests for the religion illeterate).
he said the eucharist was christ. this naive motherfucker believes jesus was and is a cracker. (both white and like a ritz[just killing two birds with one pun]).

hold up. jesus was from the middle east
he was middle eastern.
thats right honkies, jesus was a hadji.

next he said some shit about all the good the church has done.
i had one word for him, crusades.
then another word, ustashi.

we all now the crusades. the inquisitions. weve seen the monty python clips.

but the ustashi were roman catholic priests in world war two, whos soul purpose was to hunt and torture all civilians who didnt believe the catholic teachings, i.e. the eucharist.
the ustashi were fucking sick. but its okay, most of them are burning in hell. again, fuck them.

the priest standing before was stammering. i win.
then i brought up the fact that the vatican is the richest country in the world.
he continues to stammer.
then i bring up the popes blatant nazi past.
the probable pedophile starts to sweat and turn red. hes gettin pissed, i mean, come on. i just called what he belives to be the holiest man in the world a nazi.
whatever, its true, so fuck him.

this went on and on, eventually he said satan leave me.
i looked around, and then whispered "the names george,dude"

not my fault if your religion is fucked up more than college student on spring break, all passed out and naked and shit.

fuck him.

im not the devil.
im a douche, but not the devil.

whatever im gunna watch robot chicken now.


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